Yes, this very much pertains to video gamers and anyone else who has had to fill the void in their stomach for less than a buck. No this isn't a paid advertisement and I am not affiliated with the company at all. I'm just a very happy customer and thought some of you would enjoy it too.

I've been eating ramen noodles for decades now. Not just because they're so cheap, although that's why I always pick some up when I go to the store. I'm sure most of us have made ramen & cheese or ramen and pasta sauce. It really is one of the most versatile foods you can buy for less than a quarter.

On a whim I bought The Rapid Ramen cooker when it showed up in one of my "daily special" emails. I didn't even know this existed until then. Apparently I missed the episode of Shark Tank that it was on.

So how good is it?

It's freaking amazing!

I've never made ramen that has the texture of what comes out of this little gem. I've tried cooking them in the microwave and the stove top. They've always been edible and pretty good, but they never came out the way they do with The Rapid Ramen cooker.


This is a pic that I just took:

They have more "bite" than any I've ever made. Not crunchy, but a nice chewiness. They're not tough either. It's hard to explain but they're delicious.


The package says it cuts down on sodium but it doesn't really. It does however let you cut down the sodium by only using half of the flavor packet. Using the whole packet would probably ruin them so maybe in a way it does cut the sodium in half? The cooker only uses half of the water normally used in cooking. There is a fill line for water inside the cooker.

It's pretty cool to watch your noodles cook. The water boils rapidly and fills the cooker to the top, fully surrounding the noodles. You'll need to adjust the time and amount of water slightly for your microwave to keep the water from spilling over. I fill mine to just below the line and microwave for 3:30. They are perfect every time.


The cooker can also be used as a bowl to eat from. The handles on the cooker don't get hot and the body itself cools fairly quickly. Drinking the broth from the bowl is a little tricky though. (you know you do it; we all do) The handles create a weird corner for slurping.

I can hear some of you now, "I could buy 30-40 packs for the price of one of those!". Yes you could but I'm telling you it's worth the investment. Your 20 cent ramen will taste like a million bucks...or at least a dollar.


Yep, I just wrote all of that about ramen noodles.

Rapid Ramen Cooker 2 pack for $12.99


My 2 pack came with one black and one red.